We have 5 mantras, which can help you in weight loss even in winters

The right strategy and lifestyle are very important for weight loss. And when it is winter, you should be even more careful about your weight.

Losing weight is not easy and it becomes even more challenging when winters are on. We become less active, drink less water, and get less vitamin D from our bodies due to less sunlight.

All these factors together slow down the metabolism, making it difficult for our body to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Many people gain weight during winter, which is now known as winter weight.

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In such a situation, you just have to keep your willpower strong and make some changes in your weight loss plan. Let us tell you that if you make the right strategy, then you can lose weight fast even in winter.

What the study says
Yes… According to a new study published in Cell Reports Medicine, working out in a cold environment can increase the body’s ability to adapt to different temperatures and boost its ability to burn fat.

So, let us know what should be your weight loss strategy in winter.

  1. Drink warm water
    When it comes to staying healthy or losing weight, water plays an important role. But we often ignore it and when the winter season comes, drinking water becomes less. In this case, it is easier to drink warm water. It also maintains body temperature and also helps in burning calories.
  2. Try an Indoor Activity
    Winters are the perfect time to try out new indoor physical activities. You can do high-intensity cardio in your home or apartment. Repeatedly climbing and descending stairs, running, or walking can prove to be very beneficial for you. Dancing and yoga are some wonderful indoor activities to stay active and warm during the cold season.
  3. Control Portion Size
    In cold weather we often walk less, the body remains sluggish. So pay attention to your eating habits. Eat food in small portions. Take at least 5 to 6 meals a day. In this way, your weight will not increase in one go and the body will also help in burning fat gradually.
  4. Increase Protein and Fiber Amount
    Studies have shown that eating a high-protein diet can help with weight loss. Proteins also help build muscle, boost metabolism and keep you full for longer. Likewise, eating a diet high in fiber can improve digestion. This will help you feel full and stay satiated for longer, even with fewer calories.
  5. Drink soup before meals and eat fewer sweets
    These are two things that can prove beneficial in your winter weight loss journey. Drinking soup before meals is the best way to eat less food and digest food quickly. Plus, if you eat less sugar, it can help you lose weight.

So ladies, don’t panic. Because this time winters are not going to be winters with weight gain but winters with weight loss.


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