Warm water is a tried and tested solution for weight loss, know how it works

There are many detox drinks and healthy foods available for weight loss. But first of all, there is lukewarm water, which can give you the desired figure and weight.

If cold water gives you relief in summers, then nothing is better than lukewarm water for winters. No, we are not talking about bathing, we are actually talking about drinking water. If you drink lukewarm water in winter, it can give you many health benefits. But above all, it can also help you in weight loss. Yes, drinking lukewarm water is a proven recipe for weight loss. Let us know how it works on your body.

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Warm water and your body in winter

According to natural health advocates, hot water can help detoxify the body. When water is hot enough to raise a person’s body temperature, it can lead to sweating. Sweating draws out toxins and can help clear out pores.

Research has long supported the idea that drinking more water can help a person lose weight. This may be partly because water enhances the feeling of fullness. Water also helps the body absorb nutrients and flushes out toxins.

A study published in 2003 found that drinking hot water can lead to quicker weight loss than cold water. Researchers found that drinking 500 ml of water before a meal increased metabolism by 30 percent.

Raising the water temperature to 98.6 degrees increased metabolism by 40 percent. This metabolic step-up lasted 30-40 minutes after the water intake.

Here are some more benefits of drinking lukewarm water in winter

  • Keeps the body hydrated
    A hydrated body is a must for your weight loss journey. Due to the healthy amount of water in the body, it removes the toxic substances easily. When you eat oily spiced food, toxic substances start accumulating in the body. This can be the reason for your increasing weight. But lukewarm water helps in keeping your kidney healthy and also keeping the body clean. You must drink at least two glasses of lukewarm water throughout the day.
  • Natural Detox
    It is important to follow a detox routine for weight loss. It is better to consume lukewarm water instead of running after the expensive detox kits available in the market. This natural cleanser helps remove toxins from your body. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach helps in bowel movement. It cleans your entire system.
  • Reduce Stubborn Fat
    If you want to lose weight, you have to get rid of your stubborn fat. A glass of lukewarm water can help you for this. By consuming water in good quantity, your kidney and liver work in a healthy way.

The kidney removes toxins from the body and the liver helps indigestion. When you drink less water, there is pressure on the liver and fat starts to accumulate. Warm water protects you from this. It does not allow fat to accumulate in the body.

  • Zero Percent Calories
    To lose weight, you have to take care of your calorie intake. Lukewarm water has zero percent calories, which means it will not allow you to gain weight. Also, drinking water suppresses your appetite and makes you like to eat less. This healthy calorie control will help you lose weight fast.

Mix these ingredients in lukewarm water and get double the benefits

Many of you might not like the taste of lukewarm water. Don’t worry as we are listing some of the ingredients that can address your taste buds. Also, by mixing them in lukewarm water and drinking it, you will see positive results soon.

Mix lemon and honey in hot water. If you like the sour taste, just add lemon. You can also drink green tea. Drinking cumin mixed with hot water will also be beneficial for the digestive system. You can also drink ajwain tea. Make a detox drink with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

So, ladies, lukewarm water is a tried and tested remedy for weight loss! Quickly incorporate it into your routine and get the figure you want.


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