The weight you carry can cause hair loss

Based on this study, weight gain does not just cause health issues for you but also alters how your hair grows.

Women are extremely cautious about their hair. If one hair is snagged she will lift the entire house onto her head. You’ll also be awed by your hair and will be trying a lot of different techniques to keep your hair looking beautiful. But what should you do if you realize it is your body weight that is the reason for your hair’s loss? Don’t panic as we will give you the answer to this issue.

Weight gain with hair falling

Researchers have proposed that over weightness could also be one of the causes of hair loss. They observed that the stem cells in the hair follicles of mice that consumed high-fat diets differed from mice that ate the standard diet. The reason for this was inflammation signals within stem cells. In the end, eventually, hair begins to thin and dropping. These amazing findings illuminate the intricate connection to obesity as well as organ failure.

Here’s the way that obesity can affect your hair

It is widely acknowledged that obesity can be linked to the development of numerous illnesses in humans. Diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments are prevalent in obese people. But, it’s not fully understood how body parts specifically suffer and become less functional when you are obese for a long time.

In a recent study scientists at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) employed mice as models to study the way that a high-fat diet or obesity caused by genetics could impact hair thinning and loss. can.

The authors discovered that obesity could cause the deficiency of hair-follicle stem cells (HFSCs) because of the stimulation of certain inflammation signals. The result is that the hair follicle’s regeneration is hindered. Then, eventually, there’s an end to hair follicles.

A balanced diet and a vigorous routine can help save your hair

The lead researcher of the study Hironobu Morinaga stated, “Feeding a high-fat diet increases hair loss through the reduction of HFSC. This replenishes mature cells that make hair and is particularly beneficial in older mice.

We examined gene expression differences in HFSCs between mice fed HFD and mice fed on a diet that is standard. We also examined the future for those HFSCs after activation.”

We discovered that HFSCs in obese mice fed HFD transform their skin’s future surface into sebocyte-like corneocytes. They secrete sebum on activation.

Morinaga says “Mice exhibit rapid loss of hair as well as smaller hair follicles in conjunction with HFSC deficiency. Even after 4 consecutive days of HFD eating, HFSCs exhibit increased signals of oxidative stress as well as epidermal differentiation.”

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