Hibiscus and Hair Care

Hibiscus is utilized in the lives of Hawaiian ladies in a fascinatingly unique manner. It is believed that if a woman wears a hibiscus in one ear on her left, it signifies that she is not married. If the hibiscus appears on the right-hand ear part of a woman this means that she is married.

This beautiful flower, particularly red, has an important place in the world in the realm of spirituality since it is the symbol of the goddess Durga (in Hindu Culture) and is also presented to Ganesha, the Lord of all. Ganesha with great devotion.

Hibiscus is a natural remedy for split ends and loss of hair

The perfect flower that will make your desire to have long and strong hair come true is only one hibiscus just a few hibiscus flowers away.

Here are a few advantages:

  • Split ends
  • Hair loss

You can take the hibiscus plant home and plant it with extreme nutrition and care. Make a flower in coconut oil, then boil the flower until it has lost its juice. It is possible to apply the oil at least 30 minutes prior to taking a bath to get the maximum results.

Choose a couple of blooms and squeeze them as hard as you can to remove the juice from the flowers. The hair and scalp care recipes are prepared. It is possible to wash your hair between 30 and 40 minutes after applying the treatment.

The planting of the Hibiscus plant isn’t always possible, or even bringing flowers if you follow these guidelines. Therefore, we suggest you use hibiscus leaves and flowers that have the benefits of the other authentic ayurvedic ingredients that are suitable for your hair.

Comb your hair in the manner you like. Don’t worry about a bad hairstyle because of split ends in your hair. Hibiscus can fix the crooked split ends and help you get healthy bouncy hair.

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1. Which kind of hibiscus flower is best for hair?

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis) or Japa Pushpa is a tree that grows in the regions of temperate climates in India. The plant produces trumpet-shaped blossoms in various shades, including white, red, peach yellow, as well as combinations of hues. The color most commonly used by the majority of people for Ayurvedic uses is the color red. The leaves of the plant appear dark and glossy. It’s also known as Japa as well as Gudahala as in Ayurveda as well in Hindi.

2. Does hibiscus help your hair increase?

Yes both the leaves and blooms of Hibiscus can be used as part of traditional Ayurvedic formulations for strengthening the hair. Classical Ayurvedic texts refer to this plant’s characteristics as Keshya which means it aids in improving hair quality. This flower can also be utilized in traditional oil-based remedies, home remedies, as well as herbal shampoos.
Someone who is dominating Pitta Dosha type and who sleep all night is likely to have excessive body heat in their skin. This can cause hair loss because of the body heat. Ayurvedic texts explain Hibiscus as a beneficial herb to help lower body heat. Hibiscus has also been believed to improve blood flow in the scalp, thereby assisting in the increase in the supply of nourishment and nutrients to hair follicles. It is commonly used to prevent hair loss externally, in herbal hair oils, as well in the form of brewed herbal tea.

3. How can you make use of the oil of the hibiscus to improve hair?

Hibiscus is utilized in a variety of ways to prepare natural hair oils. One way is to crush the flowers and leaves of the Hibiscus shrub and cook them in virgin coconut oil. It is then simmered until all the liquid in the mix evaporates. Then it is filtered and stored.

Another alternative is to use the flowers of Hibiscus and Fenugreek seed that simmered in coconut oil. Hibiscus can also be used as traditional Ayurvedic hair oil, including Kesini Hair Oil, or Chemparathyadi Keram to treat fungus as well as anti-dandruff hair oils.

4. What can I do with the hibiscus plant to increase hair growth?

According to Ayurveda hair loss is typically caused by the destruction of hair follicles of the scalp as a result of the body’s heat. This is known as excessive Pitta on the skin. Since Hibiscus is an anti-Pitta herbal remedy, it is highly effective in treating hair fall problems. Hibiscus can also be used in herbal formulas to treat Alopecia. Alopecia is baldness that creates patches on the scalp.

In addition to the herb hair oils discussed above, it is also possible to make a hair-care mask of Hibiscus. In this way, a paste made of the leaves and flowers of Hibiscus in the red plant is applied to the hair that is being treated. The paste is left on for between 2 and 3 days, afterward washed off using lukewarm water. This neutralizes the Pitta Dosha heat on the scalp and also helps to promote increased blood flow. The blood flow boosts and aids in nourishing the hair follicles, thereby promoting the growth of hair.

5. Does the hibiscus affect hair color?

Hibiscus has been identified as Ranjana Ayurvedic text. The reddish-colored flowers result in darkening hair and giving it a reddish tint. In addition, it increases the circulation of nutrients through hair follicles, flowers also improve the appearance and the texture of hair.

Reference: keralaayurveda.biz/blog/hibiscus-for-split-ends-and-hair-loss


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