Can Medical Marijuana Treat Arthritis?

The use of cannabis has been utilized to treat arthritis-related ailments for thousands of years beginning in 2700 B.C.E when the application of cannabis first recorded by the Pen Ts’ao (The Herbal), Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It was not until the 19th century that cannabis was first introduced to Western medical practice. British medical doctor William Brooke O’Shaughnessy learned about cannabis’ medicinal properties in India and brought it to England. In India cannabis was used to treat various diseases, such as inflammation and pain.

O’Shaughnessy carefully documented his studies on both animals and humans and his research contained three case studies on cannabis as a treatment option for Rheumatoid Arthritis. O’Shaughnessy said that two of patients experienced substantial relief, and they experienced significant relief and were “cured” in three days. According to O’Shaughnessy one patient (who didn’t feel relief) wasn’t experiencing relief, but was “habituated to the use of gunjah in the pipe,” perhaps indicating that he had developed tolerance to cannabis.

O’Shaugnessy attracted a lot of attention throughout England as well as cannabis became subsequently included in the western medical system. Russell Reynolds, Queen Victoria’s personal physician, believed in cannabis to be among the most effective treatments that could be found.

What is Arthritis?

We hear the word “arthritis” all the time. The word “arthritis” is derived directly from “ortho” meaning joint and “itis” meaning inflammation. We see it as a chronic joint pain which is a typical symptom of ageing. But, arthritis isn’t an uniform condition. Actually, as it’s an “umbrella term,” it is a broad category of joint-related diseases and conditions. Arthritis can affect all joints (and the tissues surrounding them) which include weight bearing joints like the hips, knees, as well as the spine, and non-weight-bearing joints like elbows or fingers.

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Contrary to what a lot of people believe, arthritis doesn’t only befall the older people (although it affects the elderly population in a significant way). Anyone of any age including children, may suffer from arthritic signs. The spectrum spans from moderate to extreme (often debilitating) forms of arthritis that range from bursitis, tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis to gout. systemic lupus, fibromyalgia is typically referred to as an arthritic-related ailment.

Arthritis can be broadly classified into two different types of conditions:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA): RA is an autoimmune condition that can affect nearly all joints.
  • Osteoarthritis (OA): The condition is attributed to a variety of causes such as injury, excess use, obesity, as well as genetics.

Each RA or OA can trigger inflammation, stiffness, swelling mobility issues, as well as severe pain.

How Can MMJ Help Treat Arthritis?

Expert in clinical cannabis Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, and a group composed of University of Washington physicians and scientists wrote a study which was released in the Journal of Opioid Management. The conclusion:

It is evident that it is an analgesic. cannabis is extremely secure and very little toxic effects. Contrary to opioids, cannabinoid medications are not able to cause loss of appetite or constipation, as well as wasting, however, they can be used as a therapeutic treatment to treat these conditions.

The team also observed that the compounds found in cannabis create an synergistic effect, the “entourage effect” — wherein the various components in cannabis combine to produce effects that are superior to the individual substances.

From the countless cannabinoids and terpenes, essential oils and flavonoids terpenes that are which are present in cannabis, several are believed to ease inflammation and pain. There is evidence that suggests that cannabis can be effective on its own or when used in conjunction in conjunction with painkillers based on opioids. Evidence suggests that cannabinoids may enhance an opioid’s effects, increasing and increasing their effectiveness, while also allowing patients to lower their intake of opioids.

CBD is the largest and most well-known (largely) non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis could help to ease stiffness and stiffness during the morning, as well as reduce inflammation, and increase mobility. When CBD is processed into an anti-inflammatory chemical that has similar effects to indomethacin (commonly prescribed to treat arthritis, gout and others) with no stomach-related adverse impacts.

The analgesic effects of THC appear to be mediated by the delta opioid receptor and the kappa one which suggests a close connection between the opioid and cannabinoid signaling pathways that regulate the sensation of pain. Numerous studies have suggested that cannabis could enhance (increase effectiveness) the effects of opioids, thus allowing patients to cut down on their opioid consumption.

In a study on the effects of medical marijuana on pain, Canadian researchers from BC’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC came to the conclusion:

  • Evidence mounting support the use of medical cannabis as a replacement or supplement to prescription opiates for the treatment of chronic pain.
  • As an alternative to prescription opiates. Cannabinoids can lead to a greater relief cumulatively of pain. Its increased effectiveness could enable patients to reduce their intake of opioids and reduce the side negative effects of opioids.
  • Cannabinoids could be able to decrease tolerance to opiates as well as reduce withdrawal symptoms triggered by opioids. In reality, cannabinoids could be able to “rekindle opiate analgesia after a prior dosage has become ineffective.”

In addition, cannabis appears to help in three different ways:

  • The effects of Analgesia Analgesic effects of cannabis are established. Cannabinoids create analgesic effects in a similar manner but are pharmacologically distinct from opioids. Research suggests that cannabis can reduce pain intensity and sensitivity , as well as increasing the tolerance to pain.
  • The effects of antinociception: Cannabinoids are well-known to reduce pain (antinociceptive effects) through a variety of inhibitory pathways that influence pain and nociception.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-autoimmune actions Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory benefits from cannabis are studied over the course of thousands of years. Since cannabinoids have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis can be effective in treating arthritis symptoms, but also in treating root causes.

If you suffer from arthritis and are just beginning to learn about MMJ Be aware that finding the correct dosage and strain isn’t easy initially. Some individuals prefer eating their food, while others prefer inhalation, which can be more effective. And some sufferers may prefer a mix. In the same way, you might find your preference is for higher CBD strains over strains with high THC -or the reverse is true. Be aware that it might take a bit of trial and error to determine the best treatment plan.


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