Benefits and methods of Shatavari use

Shatavari is a name that very few people have ever heard of. Are you familiar with asparagus? Do you know its benefits, where can it be found, and how to prepare it?

Ayurveda describes Shatavari as a very useful herb. Shatavari can be used to treat many diseases. We will tell you about the many benefits of Shatavari.

What is Shatavari? 

Shatavari can be described as a Shatavari vine or plant. Its creeper spreads and becomes bushy. There are usually at least 100 roots under each vine. These roots measure approximately 30-100cm in length and are 1-2 cm thick. The roots’ ends are sharp at both ends.

These roots will still have brownish, thin skin. This peel can be removed to reveal white roots that look like milk. There is a hard fiber between the roots. This can only be removed in a dry and wet condition.

It can be used to treat many diseases. Two types of Shatavari are available:

  • Rare asparagus ( A sparagus filicinus -Ham ex D.Don)

Its tubers, which are small and fleshy, are bloated and engaged in bunches. You can make a decoction from its tubers.

  • Asparagus gonoclados Baker

It is a bushy, upright plant. Its tubers grow small and are thick. The flowers are pale white and the fruit is round. The fruits are green when unripe, but turn red once they are ripe. Its tubers can be smaller than asparagus.

Shatavari’s Name in Different Languages

Shatavari is a well-known name all over the globe.

Shatavari in –

  • Asparagus in Hindi or Asparagus meaning in Hindi- सतावर, सतावरि, सतमूली, शतावरी, सरनोई
  • Shatavari in English- Wild asparagus (वाईल्ड एस्पैरागस)
  • Asparagus in Sanskrit-शतावरी, शतपदी, शतमूली, महाशीता, नारायणी, काञ्चनकारिणी, पीवरी, सूक्ष्मपत्रिका, अतिरसा, भीरु, नारायणी, बहुसुता, बह्यत्रा, तालमूली, नेटिव एस्पैरागस (Native asparagus)
  • Asparagus in Urdu- सतावरा (Satavara)
  • Asparagus in Oriya- चोत्तारु (Chhotaru), मोहनोले (Mohnole)
  • Asparagus in Gujarati- एकलकान्ता (Ekalkanta), शतावरी (Shatavari)
  • Asparagus in Tamil or Asparagus meaning in tamil- किलावरि (Kilavari), पाणियीनाक्कु (Paniyinakku)
  • Asparagus in Telugu or Asparagus in telugu- छल्लागडडा (Challagadda), एट्टावलुडुटीगे (Ettavaludutige);
  • Asparagus in Bengali- शतमूली (Shatamuli), सतमूली (Satmuli)
  • Asparagus in Punjabi- बोजान्दन (Bozandan); बोजीदान (Bozidan)
  • Asparagus in Marathi- अश्वेल (Asvel), शतावरी (Shatavari)
  • Asparagus in Malayalam- शतावरि (Shatavari), शतावलि (Shatavali)
  • Asparagus in Nepali- सतामूलि (Satamuli), कुरीलो (Kurilo)
  • Asparagus in Arabic- शकाकुल (Shaqaqul)
  • Asparagus in Persian- शकाकुल (Shaqaqul)

Shatavari Benefits & Uses

For many years, the Shatavari tablet has been used in many different ways. It is essential to understand the Ayurvedic properties and use methods of Shatavari in order to reap the benefits.

Shatavari is used in Insomnia

Many people have trouble falling asleep. These people should cook at least 2 grams of Shatavari powder in their milk. It is possible to sleep better by eating ghee with it. This is Shatavari powder’s benefit in treating insomnia.

Pregnant Women Benefit from Shatavari

Pregnant women can reap the benefits of Shatavari. Women who are pregnant should consume equal amounts of Shatavari and dry ginger, Ajgandha, and liquorice. It should be taken in a dose of 1-2 grams. You can mix it with goat’s dairy. This helps to keep the fetus happy.

Use Shatavari to increase breast milk

  • After becoming mothers, many women complain about a lack in milk supply. Women should consume 10 grams of Shatavari root powder with milk in such situations. This will increase breast milk production. It is important for women to continue enjoying the benefits of Shatavari after giving birth.
  • Mix 1-2 grams of paste made from Shatavari roots with milk. This is because there is more milk in your breasts.
  • You can also grind Shatavari into cow’s milk, and then consume it. This makes the milk delicious and nutritious.

Shatavari benefits to treat body weakness

People who feel weakness or lack of strength. It is possible to cook asparagus in ghee, and then massage it. This will remove any weakness. Shatavari’s benefits are very helpful in eliminating general weaknesses.

Shatavari Consumption to Increase Sexual Energy (Stemina Benefits for Increasing Sexual Power)

  • A lack of masculine power or sexual stamina is a common problem for many people. These people can benefit from Shatavari. It can be used to cook asparagus and then eaten.
  • Other than this, eating kheer made from asparagus powder and milk also increases your sexual stamina.

Use of Shatavari (Shatavari benefits for Sperm Count Problems) to treat semen defect

You should consume 5-10 grams of Shatavari daily with ghee to solve the problem of low semen. This will increase the amount of semen.

Use Shatavari to Treat Cold and Cough

Shatavari can also be beneficial for cold and freezing conditions. Make tea from the root of asparagus. It is recommended to consume 15-20 ml of it for relief.

Use Shatavari to Solve Throat Problem

Voice hoarseness is a condition that occurs when you shout louder or speak louder. These problems can be solved by licking Shatavari (Bala), sugar with honey, and Khirati (Bala).

Benefits of Shatavari in Dry Cough Treatment for Dry Cough

  • To relieve dry cough, boil 10 grams Shatavari, 10g ginger leaves, and 10g sugar candy in 150 ml of water. Dry cough can be ended by taking this three times a day.
  • Cook the decoction from Shatavari, Nagbala, and grind the powder in ghee if there is any phlegm. It is good for Kapha disorder.

Shatavari in Respiratory Disease

One part asparagus paste, one portion of ghee, and four portions of milk. They can be cooked in ghee. It should be consumed in a 5-10g serving. It is effective in relieving respiratory problems, blood-related disorders, heartburn, Vata, pitta, and fainting.

Shatavari in Piles Treatment

Better results can be achieved by using Shatavari in piles. It is beneficial to take 2-4 grams of Shatavari churna along with milk.

Shatavari Beneficial for Dysentery

  • Mix fresh asparagus with milk. Strain it. It is good for dysentery (blood in the stool) if you drink it 3-4 times per day.
  • Digestion of Shatavari ghee provides relief from dysentery.

Shatavari benefits in nightfall treatment for dream defects

Make a powder from fresh asparagus root to cure your dreams defects. Mix 250g of fresh asparagus root with 250g sugar candy. In the morning and evening, take 6-11 grams of this powder along with 250ml milk. This eliminates the dream defect and keeps the body healthy. Shatavari powder has many benefits, but only if it is properly prepared and consumed in the correct way.

The Benefits of Shatavari for Indigestion

Shatavari benefits can be used if the food isn’t being properly digested. Combine 5 ml Shatavari root liquid with honey and milk. It can be used to relieve indigestion.

Shatavari Uses in Pitta Disorder

Pitta dosha can cause colic. It is beneficial to drink 10 ml Shatavari juice every morning with 10-12 grams honey.

Shatavari’s benefits in relieving headaches

Shatavari is also good for headache relief. The fresh root of asparagus should be mashed and the juice extracted. Bring it to boil with sesame seed oil. This oil can be used to massage your scalp. This oil can be used to relieve migraine headaches.

Use Shatavari to Treat Nasal Disorder

For nasal diseases, cook 5 grams Shatavari powder in 100 ml milk. The diseases of the nose can be stopped by straining the powder and drinking it. Nasal diseases can be treated with Shatavari powder.

Shatavari uses for healing wounds

Make a powder from 20 grams of Shatavari leaf and fry it in twice the ghee. This Shatavari powder can be ground and applied to the wound. It can also heal old wounds.

Benefits from Shatavari an Eye Problem

  • In 100-200 ml of milk, boil 5 grams Shatavari root. It is good for eye disease.
  • Daily intake of old Ghee and Triphala, Shatavaris, Parwals, Moongs, Amlas, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Shatavaris, Amlas It is a good choice for eye diseases, as it has Shatavari benefits.

Night Blindness with Shatavari

Night blindness can also be helped by Shatavari. Toast the asparagus leaves in ghee, then eat it.

Shatavari uses to stop Diarrhea

Take 5 grams, Shatavari Ghee, if you are experiencing diarrhea. This will stop diarrhea.

Shatavari is used in Urinary Disease Treatment

  • Shatavari can also be used to treat urinary tract problems. This is where you can make a syrup from buckwheat, which you can then drink.
  • People who experience frequent urination problems are often troubled. In such cases, you can make a tea of 10-30ml asparagus root. It is beneficial to drink honey and sugar together.
  • Mix 20 grams of asparagus with the Panchang Gokhru to make a solution for burning urine. Boil it in half of a liter water. Mix 10 grams of sugar candy with 2 teaspoons honey to filter it. It can be taken slowly to relieve the burning sensation in your urine and help with frequent urination.

Shatavari in Gonorrhea Treatment

A disease that is related to sex, gonorrhea, or gonorrhea, is called gonorrhea. It is caused by bacteria. This disease is caused by bacteria. The patient should consume 20 ml Shatavar juice, mixed with 80 mg milk. It can be beneficial for gonorrhea.

Fever Fighting with Shatavari

Take 10ml of equal amounts of Shatavar or Giloy, mixed with some jaggery. It can help with fever. It is made by mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in 20-40ml of decoction. This provides relief from fever.

Benefits from Shatavari for Kidney stone

Mix equal amounts of cow’s milk with 20-30 ml of juice from root asparagus to make stone disease patients drink. This will cause the old stone to dissolve quickly.


All the information collected from the Internet, our intention only guides and is aware of the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines. And which company is best for Ayurvedic oil and Ayurvedic medicines. I suggest first free consultation with cannabis doctors in India then taking cannabis medicines because in India you don’t get cannabis medicines without a prescription.

Note: All the Information Collect From Internet Search. May be We Are Wrong or incorrect about to search Actual Data. Our intention only Aware with Ayurveda benefiets And Lifestyle. If You suffer with any Issue/Problem Then First Connect with Doctor after that Get Action. Because your Decision or Doctor recommedetion compare with Internet Search.

We found Cannabis medicine Has Many Benefits in Many Major Disease


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