Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity is found at home

Indian spices and plants are not just to add flavor or beauty They also possess medicinal properties. Today, we will tell you about these Ayurvedic treatments that are found in your kitchen.

You’re trying to keep yourself and your family members secure in the event of COVID-19. In order to do this, you attempt repeatedly to improve your immunity. To ensure that any risk can be avoided. You might be contemplating buying some costly nutritional supplements that will increase your immunity as well as the immunity of your family members.

For this, you do not require expensive herbal supplements or shop around for them. There are certain herbs and spices within your house that can help boost your immune system. In Ayurveda, these are referred to as remedies.

Tell us what are the Ayurvedic treatments that could be useful in improving the immune system of you and members of your immediate family.

Basil leaves

It is found in the majority of houses in India This particular plant is known as a medicinal plant in Ayurveda. Basil leaves are anti-inflammatory that provide relief from influenza and colds. Boiling the leaves of basil into milk improves the immune system.

It also has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, if you wish to reap the health benefits of Tulsi and its benefits, you could utilize it in tea or for milk.

If you cook basil leaves in water and then drink it in the form of tea it could prove very beneficial in preventing external infections.

Basil leaves in Hindi (तुलसी के पत्ते)

Basil leaves in Tamil (துளசி இலைகள்)

Basil leaves in Telugu (తులసి ఆకులు)

Basil leaves in Kannada (ತುಳಸಿ ಎಲೆಗಳು)

Basil leaves in Marathi (तुळशीची पाने)

Basil leaves in Bengali (তুলসী পাতা)

Basil leaves in Malayalam (ബേസിൽ ഇലകൾ)


Have you ever seen your mommy swimming around in a curry or pumpkin? This is why the unique type of sweet smell that is present from the fenugreek plant only. Fenugreek actually has a wealth of healing properties. It can be used as a fresh leafy plant or dried, and its seeds are utilized as spices. It is a fantastic treatment for controlling blood sugar. Additionally, it can also assist in boosting the immune system.

In order to do this, it’s important to soak one spoonful of fenugreek seeds in water for a night. Drink this drinking water the next morning. If you wish grind fenugreek and make laddoos by mixing jaggery. In any form, it can be beneficial in increasing immunity. It also aids in eliminating constipation.


Turmeric is a spice that gives an extra color and taste to food items, can be described as an Ayurvedic medicine found in every home. According to Ayurveda, it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties are present in turmeric. These properties prove beneficial in preventing the spread of viral diseases, swelling, and digestive disorders.

If you’re looking to boost your immunity, then consume turmeric milk daily. However you should not use turmeric powder that is available in stores, it would be more effective if you utilize raw turmeric. Turmeric milk can also provide relief from cramps during menstrual cycles. Consuming it also improves the quality of sleep.

When your rest is done your body will be more prepared for the following day. The curcumin component in turmeric can assist in reducing stress on your body.


Mint leaves that are fresh and green are an excellent ingredient for this time of year. In Ayurveda, it is included in the herbs used to relax the stomach. Mint helps to alleviate the symptoms of heatstroke during summer.

If you are suffering from any kind of respiratory issue, it is recommended to add mint tea as part of your daily routine. It’s effective in helping to prevent allergies. But it is also beneficial should you consume it while making chutney, this ancient remedy works more effectively.

Another way to enjoy mints is by mixing them into Rista and consuming it. It could be a recipe from your mother’s childhood. If mint is available in sufficient quantities in the summer months, people dry it off and store it. Then they use it as a powder in raita and other dishes.

What do you think you are talking about, ladies? Just start taking these three specific medicines at home, and get your body ready to fight off infections from outside.


All the information collected from the Internet, our intention only guides and is aware of the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines. And which company is best for Ayurvedic oil and Ayurvedic medicines. I suggest first free consultation with cannabis doctors in India then taking cannabis medicines because in India you don’t get cannabis medicines without a prescription.

Note: All the Information Collect From Internet Search. May be We Are Wrong or incorrect about to search Actual Data. Our intention only Aware with Ayurveda benefiets And Lifestyle. If You suffer with any Issue/Problem Then First Connect with Doctor after that Get Action. Because your Decision or Doctor recommedetion compare with Internet Search.

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