8 Tips to Prevent Skin Damage In the Winter Season of harshness

Begin by warming up with these skin tips.

Dry and cold weather can cause skin to feel wet and itchy. There are actions you can take to ensure your skin stays well-nourished and soft throughout during the cold winter days.

1. Make sure to moisturize regularly.

Utilizing a moisturizer throughout the winter months can help to hold the moisture you need within your skin. For best results apply the moisturizer immediately after having dried off from the bath or shower and only apply it when your skin is still damp. Creams and ointments with a higher concentration of fat tend to be more effective than lotions. Try to find ones with shea butter or the olive oil or jojoba, as well as mineral oil.

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2. Make sure you’re wearing suns cream.

Even though summer is long gone does not mean that you shouldn’t protect your skin from sunlight’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Include sunscreen in your routine even during winter. Based on the location you reside in and the degree to which the temperature decreases, you might need to just apply it to your chest, face and hands. All other areas will be protected! Make sure you choose a sunscreen that has an SPF 30 or greater.

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3. Protect your lips, too.

As with the other parts of your facial features, your lips need every day safeguarding from harsh elements. Make sure you choose a lip balm which is SPF 30 or greater and that feels soft to your lips. A good option is one that has petrolatum, which is also known as Petroleum jelly, mineral oil. Make sure to stay clear of lip balms which causes irritation or stings to your lips.

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4. Choose gentle products.

Be sure to use mild, non-scented products for your skin during winter months. Certain ingredients that are harsher may cause dryness and irritation to the skin during winter. To combat dryness be sure to stay clear of deodorant soaps and products that contain fragrances alcohol, alcohol, alpha hydroxy acid or the retinoids.

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5. Make sure to use warm water with a gentle feel.

Make sure your skin is happy by making use of warm water instead hot water for baths and showers. Hot water will strip the natural oils of your skin. It is recommended to limit the duration of your shower or bath to a minimum of 10 minutes. A prolonged time in the water could dry out your skin. When you exit the tub, gently dry your skin using the towel, but don’t rub your skin.

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6. Make sure you’re safe with your hands.

Dry, chapped hands are commonplace in winter. Keep your hands safe from the elements by wearing gloves or mittens every time you step outdoors. When your hands feel dry, put on rubber gloves while performing chores such as cooking or dishes in which your hands are likely to be wet or come into touch with chemical substances. Applying a moisturizer that is non-greasy when you wash your hands will help keep your skin looking smooth. Keep an extra moisturizer bottle in the sink so that you keep track of.

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7. Do not get closer to scorching heat.

The act of curling up in front the fireplace and wood stove can be a traditional method to warm yourself during cold winter nights. However, these kinds of flames that are open have their drawbacks as they can make your skin dry. When your skin’s already dry, you should try to reduce your time spent in front of a fire.

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8. Dress in a comfortable way.

Dry winter skin can be more prone to irritation. Therefore, when you’re getting dressed, pick materials with softness and easy to wear next to your skin. For instance, you can wear silk or cotton underneath wool clothing or pants. Also, when washing clothes make sure you use a detergent marked as hypoallergenic.

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