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6 benefits of eating boiled makhana in milk


Boiling makhana in milk and eating it gives many benefits to the body. Learn about its benefits here. 

Makhana is consumed in many homes. Makhana is very beneficial for health. Calorie and fat are found in very less quantity in Makhana. Makhana is a storehouse of anti-oxidants, which proves to be very helpful in protecting you from heart and kidney related problems. Have you ever boiled makhana in milk and consumed it? If not, then through this article we will tell you about some health benefits of eating Makhana boiled in milk. Boiling makhana in milk and eating it gives high amount of calcium to the body. Not only this, by eating boiled makhana in milk, you can also get rid of stomach related problems. Consuming makhana on an empty stomach in the morning also reduces many problems including your heart. For this, by adding Makhana to hot milk, you can consume milk along with Makhana. Let us know about some of the benefits of eating boiled makhana in milk. 

1. Beneficial in stomach related problems 

Makhana has been considered beneficial for the heart since ancient times. Makhana is a storehouse of anti-oxidants , which is helpful in relieving you from stomach related problems. High amount of fiber is found in makhana, which keeps your digestive system healthy as well as relieves constipation etc. On the other hand, by boiling the makhana in milk, the lactose found in the milk is also absorbed in the makhana, which proves to be helpful in your stomachache, bloating etc. 

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2. Helpful in Diabetes 

Consuming makhana and milk together is considered very beneficial in the problem of diabetes. Your blood glucose and blood sugar level are controlled by boiling makhana in milk. Diabetic patients can consume makhana by boiling it in milk without any hesitation. With its regular consumption, their blood sugar level will be controlled. Anti-diabetic properties are found in Makhana, which also protects you from the symptoms of diabetes. 

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3. Helpful in joint pain  

Usually, the problem of joint pain occurs due to lack of calcium. Boiling makhana in milk is no less than a medicine for bones. Makhana and milk both are excellent sources of calcium. Both are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which are considered very effective in the problem of pain and swelling of your joints. 

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4. Remove Weakness 

Milk and Makhana are both a great source of energy. By consuming both, instant energy comes in your body. Boiling makhana in milk and eating it ends physical weakness. By consuming makhana and milk, your body absorbs many nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fiber etc., which are helpful in removing your physical weakness. 

5. Beneficial in Insomnia 

If you are also a victim of insomnia, then you can consume makhana and milk. According to a research, consuming makhana is very beneficial in the problem of insomnia. On the other hand, drinking milk also gives you relief in the problem of not sleeping. For this, eat boiled makhana in milk at night and sleep after drinking the remaining milk. This will make you fall asleep quickly. 

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6. Beneficial for the Heart 

Nutrients like magnesium, carbohydrates, proteins and flavonoids etc. are found in Makhana, which are considered very beneficial for heart diseases. At the same time, according to a recent research, if you consume milk regularly, your chances of getting coronary artery disease are greatly reduced. Therefore, to keep the heart healthy, you can boil Makhane in milk and consume it. For this, after eating boiled makhanas, consume milk from above. 

Boiling makhana in milk is very beneficial. If you are consuming it during pregnancy or any disease, then definitely consult a doctor once. 



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