12 Reasons To Switch To Castile Soap, The “Magic Soap.”

Are you looking for a soap that can do everything? Castile soap might be the solution. Learn why this soap could be the new soap to use!

It is often known as “magic soap,” Castile soap is a fantastic multi-purpose, natural soap that is chemical-free and vegetable-based completely free from animal fats and synthetic substances. This soap that is biodegradable and non-toxic can be purchased in bar or liquid form, and is set to become your go-to soap.

Castile Soap

What Is Castile Soap?

The earliest evidence dates back to around the time of the 12th century Castile soap originates from the Castile region in Spain and hence the name. It was typically made of the pure oil of olives, that is what the region was famous for its olive oil. Nowadays, soap can also be made of coconut hemp, avocado, hemp walnut, almond as well as other plant-based oils, however there is no animal product in the soap. It is ecologically friendly, biodegradable, and free of harmful chemicals.

The majority of Europe, Castile soap is extremely popular, but we’re seeing an increase in demand across the US. and India Castile soap is sold in health food stores, on the internet (for those who prefer buying in the bulk) and several local grocery stores are beginning selling this amazing soap. It’s available as bars or flakes as well as liquid forms, with liquid being the most well-liked due to its ease mixing and measuring. The most well-known brand you can find in shops are vedi, which has a wide range of natural scents like citrus, lemon, peppermint and lavender.

Don’t be frightened by the high cost that comes with Castile soap. Its high concentration permits small amounts to go a long distance which makes it very cost-effective.

Types Of Castile Soap

Generally Two types Castile Soap Available In Market

  1. liquid castile Soap
  2. Castile Soap Bar

12 Amazing Uses For Castile Soap:

1All-Purpose Household Cleaner

Household Cleaner

Make use of Castile soap to wash regular surfaces used in the home. Mix it with some water and a spray bottle, and spray onto surfaces like kitchen countertops, bathtubs tiles, floors and bathrooms sinks. For mild cleaning, mix 1/4 teaspoon of Castile soap in one half a quart of water. For tough grease-dissolving tasks, make use of 1:4 or 100% force for the job.

2. Makes A Great Hand Soap

Hand Soap

Pour a squirt or two of Castile soap into a pump dispenser, then add water to the remainder. For a scent boost and antibacterial benefits, try adding the essential oils like cinnamon or lemon, lavender, citrus, tea tree oregano. The use to fractionated coconut oil called “liquid coconut oil,” will keep your hands clean.

3. Dish Soap

Dish Soap

Blend half a cup Castile soap and 1/2 cup of water in the bottle. Shake it, and you’ll are left with a dish soap that is high-powered.

4. Powerful Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent

Castile soap provides a mild alternative to washing your clothes. It can also be used for cloth diapers and baby clothes. Top loaders should make use of 1/4 cup for each wash, and 1/8 cup to wash front loaders. The addition of baking soda is useful for extra cleaning power.

5. Face Wash

Face Wash

Castile soap can be used as an effective cleanser for the face. Mix your preferred Castile soap to distillate water in a 1:14 ratio into the foaming soap bottle.

6. Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Apply directly on the skin or mix with water as shaving lubricant.

7. Foot Soak

Foot Soak

Add one tablespoon Castile soap in your foot bath, and allow them to soak. Peppermint is wonderful for cracked heels, and tea tree oil is helpful in treating fungal infections.

8. Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Castile soap is a fantastic alternative cleaner to clean your floors with . It can be safe for hardwood. Mix 1 Cup of Castile soap with 3 Gallons of warm water the bucket, and then use the standard floor mop. Clean your carpets by make a mixture of 1/4 cup Castile soap with 1 cup of water until it makes an extremely stiff foam. Apply the foam to carpet spills for an environmentally friendly as well as non-toxic cleaner for your carpets. Choose a scent that has an aroma, such as citrus or lemon to give your entire home an aroma that is fresh.

9. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The “magic soap” is tough enough to handle the most soiled of tasks. Inject a few drops to your sink, allow it to rest for a couple of minutes before scrubbing it off.

10. Fruit and Veggie Wash

 Fruit and Veggie Wash

Put a few drops of liquid Castile soap to a sink or bowl of water. Allow your veggies or fruits to be submerged in the soap mix for a while and then scrub or rinse the food items off. Alternately, you can add the mix to a squirt bottle that you can keep in your kitchen to quickly clean your vegetables.

11. Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

If you’re able to clean yourself using it Why not bathe your pet also? Mix it with water 2:1, or pour it straight out of the bottle to wash your pet with it.

12. Pest Spray

Pest Spray

Make use of Castile soap to keep pests out of the plants in your garden and at home. Mix 1 teaspoon of Castile soap in 1 gallon water, and spray it on the plants to protect them from nefarious insects. Castile soap also works in keeping ants away. As diatomaceous Earth, Castile soap removes the waxy coating that covers the exterior of the insect. Spray the soap and mix with water around cracks or areas where you see ants coming into your home.

Don’t Mix Castile soap with vinegar or lemon juice to wash. It may leave an odour on the surface. Furthermore, it’s not recommended for hair dyed with color.

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